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The studio is lead by Tom Wilkes-Rios, who has developed a unique style & aesthetic to his work that allows him to create long-lasting pockets of nature. His aim is to design an atmosphere within a garden, rather than simply the shape and form of a space.

A garden should be a sanctuary - a place of tranquility and reflection, similar to those special places we stumble upon in nature. Now more than ever, these spaces are key to our wellbeing, and a garden should feel like a place you can escape to, leaving the world behind and enjoying the calmness that nature brings.


Nature's spaces are a constant source of inspiration: rivers, forests, mountains. Tom likes to recreate slices of these scenes in an urban garden, and to conjure the feeling that they had always been there. He looks to naturally occurring compositions and plant combinations for inspiration, and aims to design spaces as true to 

a natural landscape as possible, while adapting the scheme to suit to an urban setting such as London.

Tom enjoys being able to bring an element of the wilderness into someone's home, and he does this mostly through the use of plants. Hard landscaping elements are quite minimal in his schemes. Undulating lines and levels are used to replicate the natural physical landscape and the layering of plants of varying ages & sizes creates a more organic feel to a space.


Tom likes to cultivate gardens over time and his schemes typically have the future in mind - trees and shrubs are selected to create a sense of structure, permanence and eventually, maturity. The aim is to create low impact designs that need a minimal amount of maintenance or human interference. Taking care of and experiencing your garden should be therapeutic and calming, with considered and sensitive planting.

How we work

Midori Gardens offers a full design service, from conception to installation. We work with builders, landscapers & architects to achieve a cohesive scheme, or work directly with clients to help create their vision. We work at any scale for both residential and commercial projects, but we do have a soft spot for small garden design. We also offer consultation and specialised maintenance sessions.

We will work with your ideas to create a design for your garden. Our style is naturalistic and we aim to design spaces that appear as if they had always been there. We don't design formal gardens, but we do create spaces that are inviting with low human impact.

All spaces & gardens are different, but generally our design process includes:

  • An initial site visit & consultation

  • Discussion on project brief

  • Site analysis

  • Layouts & plan drawings of the space

  • Full design

  • Comprehensive & itemised quote for the project

  • Project management of other contractors

  • Planting installation


If you like the approach and aesthetic we have developed at Midori Gardens, then please get in touch.


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