Midori Gardens Design Studio is led by Tom Wilkes-Rios, a designer, horticulturalist and gardener. 

Tom started his career twelve years ago as a landscape and planting assistant, installing show gardens and working for garden maintenance companies. Recognising early on that he had found his calling, Tom absorbed everything he could about plants and how to create a garden. 

He learned the theory at Capel Manor and gained practical training at the Inner Temple Garden. After years of hands-on experience as a maintenance gardener, Tom decided to pursue his own designs, and for the past five years has been running his own garden design and maintenance business. His wife, Dina acts as project manager, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Tom enjoys working with private clients that are engaged and want to take the time to turn their garden into a retreat and a sanctuary. He was also enlisted as Horticultural Consultant for Ballymore Property Developers, where he still designs planting plans for their public spaces, usually alongside studiohuw. 

Tom sees garden design as an art form and a craft. He aims to create a sense of place and a particular atmosphere in his gardens. He has a sensibility and an innate understanding of plants and space. His years of practical experience mean that not only can he design a cohesive and beautiful space, but he can also ensure that it works horticulturally, now and for the years to come.